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Why Your Salespeople Are Pushovers

See the article in the Harvard Review One of the age-old stereotypes in business is the pushy salesperson. But what if we told you that the real issue in sales today isn’t that salespeople tend to be too pushy, but that they’re not pushy enough? In our first post in this series, we introduced you […]

Build Homes with material made in America

Use materials made in America Can we build our way out of this recession? Anders Lewendal, a builder in Bozeman, thinks so. He’s about halfway through building what he’s pitching as “The All-American Home,” a 2,000 sq. ft., two-story house constructed entirely of U.S.-made materials. Now it’s probably true that the bulk of building materials […]

October 2011 Newsletter

MOUNTAIN TALK News From Them Thar Hills! Volume 2, Issue 8, October 2011 What’s That On Your Neck? Now there’s a loaded question. One that brings a “Yeah, right” out of the cynical or elicits cold, screaming fear from another. Either way it’s usually good for a laugh, unless someone gets hurt. Sometimes, even then… […]