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The Continuing Bovine Chronicles

I know we have many new folks on the newsletter list who are not familiar with the ongoing saga of my adventures with cattle. You can visit the Complete Home Services website newsletter archives for the previous stories if you wish. My girls are doing great! They are fat and sassy on the lush spring […]

Have You Ever Asked Yourself…

“When was the last time I washed my bath mats?” Well – If you have – then it has been waaaayy to long! I have done a little online searching and found that most people fall under two different categories.  Either they are very good and wash them every week or they only wash them […]

Clearing up Contact Confusion

Here at the office we get tons of contacts from both clients and prospective clients in a variety of formats and on a variety of devices. In the interest of not missing a message I thought I would help out with a little directory of sorts. This should help clear up any confusion of exactly […]