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Pine Pollen

What is this yellow stuff on my car? This is a frequent question heard in the North Georgia mountains during the spring. Pine pollen is easily recognized by its yellow color. In addition, the sappy texture makes it stick to most surfaces so you will see it on your car, lawn furniture and anything else that sits outside during pollen season.


  Did you know that according to the CDC 25,000 cases of Lyme disease among Americans will be reported this year!  Fortunately, there are several things you and your family can do to prevent tick bites and reduce your risk of tick borne disease. 1) Be aware of where to expect ticks. Ticks typically live […]

North Georgia Wildlife Part 5 (Skunks)

North Georgia Wildlife Part 5 (Skunks) There are two species of skunks that live in the North Georgia mountains; the striped skunk and the Eastern spotted skunk. Stripped Skunk Sometimes referred to as polecats, striped skunks are about the size of a domestic house cat measuring 21-28 inches in length and weighing about 3-11 pounds. […]