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Did you know hydrangeas can grow in both sun and shade?

When you think of hydrangeas you probably think of the large clusters of flowers growing nicely in a shady spot in the yard, but did you know that certain types can grow in the sun too?   While it’s true that most hydrangeas do best in the shade certain varieties called Hydrangea paniculata prefer full […]

Window washing

  Spring cleaning is not just for the inside of your home, but the outside too! Once the pollen is all gone it’s a good idea to wash your windows to remove any traces of pollen that’s left. Not only does CHS wash both the inside and outside of your windows but we will also […]

Tree Removal

Everyone should have trees on their property. They make your yard beautiful and also provide needed shade, however if a tree is dying or already dead it should be removed immediately! If it’s not removed it can cause a lot of problems such as:   •Injuries caused by falling branches or limbs (these can range […]