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Bald Face Hornets

One of the most common hornets in Georgia is the Bald Face Hornet. However, the Bald Face Hornet isn’t actually a hornet. In fact they belong to the wasp family and are actually aerial nesting yellow jackets.   They are very defensive of their nests and are very aggressive! Unlike bees Bald Face Hornets can […]

How to clean your blinds

If there‚Äôs one chore that people dread I’m pretty sure it would be cleaning the blinds. Whether you have faux wood, wood, fabric, vinyl or aluminum blinds most of us hate cleaning them! I decided to see if I could find some easy yet effective ways to clean all kinds of blinds so maybe we […]

Bean the bunny

It was July 4th weekend and there sat a little bunny rabbit in a whole dug in the garden. His siblings had been killed and the mom had abandon the nest leaving the last little bunny alone. He was just a day or two old, his eyes not even opened yet. We decided to name […]