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Disinfect your home in flue season

The flu has been spreading around the North Georgia Mountains like wildfire. If you do unfortunately get sick or someone else in your household comes down with a virus you will want to take certain steps to disinfect your home from the flu and get rid of germs fast. Did you know that cold and […]

Time to apply a pre-emergent!

Spring is a critical time when it comes to weed control! In order to prevent weeds and maintain a healthy yard throughout the Spring and Summer, it is extremely important that you apply a pre-emergent herbicide. A pre-emergent is an important tool in weed control, but properly timing the application can be tricky. It is also […]

Time to service your HVAC system!

Now that the weather is getting warmer it’s time to service your HVAC system! The purpose of servicing your HVAC system is to keep it working with no surprise breakdowns and operating at it’s top efficiency. It’s very easy to forget about your HVAC system and neglect it. Imagine if you did that with you car though! […]