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Wash the pollen away for good!

Now that the pine pollen has finally stopped you probably want to make sure it is all gone. It is recommended that you lightly pressure wash your decks and all outside surfaces so that you can get rid of the pollen and stop tracking it into your home. It is also recommended that you do a thorough […]

Poison ivy

  Poison ivy usually has three wide spoon like leaves but it can have more! It can climb like a vine or grow low to the ground spreading through grass and ivy.  I’m sure most of us know how irritating a poison ivy rash can be. This rash is caused by an oil found in […]


It’s getting hot here in the North Georgia Mountains which means snakes have become a little more active in search of shady spots. The Copperhead snake can be found almost everywhere in the state of Georgia and is listed as one of the six most dangerous snakes! A Copperhead bite is almost never fatal to […]