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Hurricane Irma update

Hurricane Irma went through part of union county 9/11/2017. 9,000 residence are currently without power. Most of the damage occurred in the southern part of the county. We are very grateful though that the damage was not as severe as it could have been.   Complete Home Services, located in the North Georgia Mountains provides […]

2017 solar eclipse

  Were you one of the many who came up to the mountains to view the solar eclipse last month? It was a spectacular sight! Luckily it was also a uneventful one. Many of us were concerned with the amount of traffic heading up before hand, but it didn’t seem to bad. Most of the locals […]

How to divide perennials

Have you been looking to expand your flower garden? You might not have to go purchase more plants to do so! Did you know you can expand your perennials by simply dividing them and spreading them out? Fall is the best time to do this as the weather should be cool. It’s very simple to […]