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Watch out for ticks!

Did you know that according to the CDC 25,000 cases of Lyme disease among Americans will be reported this year! Fortunately, there are several things you and your family can do to prevent tick bites and reduce your risk of tick borne disease. 1) Be aware of where to expect ticks. Ticks typically live in […]

Erosion control

There has been no shortage of rain up here in the North Georgia Mountains. Due to all the water we are seeing lots of wet basements, flooded driveways, and even washed out embankments! Did you know that CHS can install retaining walls and is certified in erosion control? By having proper control over erosion near […]

Spring cleaning to reduce allergies

When spring has sprung you may feel the urge to open up the windows and get out doors. Then it hits you, allergies! You shouldn’t have to wear a face mask to stop the sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. Below you will find some helpful cleaning tips to reduce your allergy symptoms this spring: 1. […]