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It’s getting time to winterize your home

Winter will be fast approaching up here in the North Georgia Mountains. Have you winterized your home yet? Did you know that by winterizing your home it will help keep the heat in, the cold out and unnecessary damage from happening! Below you will find some helpful tips to protect your home and stay warm and cozy […]

Keeping your shower glass clean

Unless you have a open shower you probably either have a curtain or glass to keep the water inside. No matter what you have though I’m sure we can all agree that shower glass is a pain to keep clean! Cleaning hard water buildup and soap scum is no easy task. Thankfully though we have […]

Leaf removal

Fall has arrived in the North Georgia Mountains! Did you know this is the time of year that you need to pay extra attention to your yards and gutters? Fallen leaves can destroy your yard and cause costly repairs to your home. When fallen leaves are not removed from your lawn they cover your grass […]