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It’s almost time to install Carpenter bee traps!

Spring is fast approaching and March is the ideal time you should have carpenter bee traps set to avoid damage to your home!  Carpenter bees are large black and yellow bees. They can frequently be seen in spring hovering around the eaves of your home or the underside of a deck or porch rail. The […]

Benefits of mulching

Mulch is a protective layer of material that is spread on top of exposed soil and is extremely important in maintaing a healthy landscape.These are just some of the benefits of mulching your yard:– Preserves water in soil so moisture is retained.– Regulates temperature.– Adds nutrients back into the soil.– Helps prevent weeds from growing.– […]

Enjoy a fire in the North Georgia Mountains

As you may know wintertime up here in the North Georgia Mountains can get pretty darn cold. That means people are using there wood burning fireplaces a lot more too. Here are some helpful tips on cleaning, discarding ashes, and proper use of the flue.  Cleaning the ashes: If you have a wood burning fireplace […]