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It is important to clean your unattended home

If you own a second home thinking about cleaning it when you are away is probably far from your mind. However, keeping a unattended home clean is just as important as keeping the home you live in clean. A unattended home can still attract dust, mold, mildew, mites, spiders, etc if not properly cleaned from […]

Beware of Copperhead snakes

It’s getting hot up here in the North Georgia Mountains which means snakes have become a little more active in search of shady spots. The Copperhead snake can be found almost everywhere in the state of Georgia and is listed as one of the six most dangerous snakes! A Copperhead bite is almost never fatal […]

How to get rid of fruit flies

If you have been seeing small flies or gnats in your kitchen chances are they’re fruit flies! Fruit flies can be a problem all year round, but they are especially common during the  summer and fall months because they are attracted to very ripe or fermenting fruits and vegetables brought in from the store or […]