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Disinfect your home

Did you know that cold and flu viruses can stay alive on surfaces for up to three hours! Below are some helpful tips for disinfecting your home when germs strike:  1) Bedding – When you are sick you tend to sweat a lot while sleeping. If you can place an extra sheet under your fitted […]

Cleaning your microwave is easy!

Does your microwave need to be cleaned, but you keep putting it off? Do you think scrubbing stuck on food is a daunting chore? If so you will be happy to know your microwave can be sparkling clean in just a few minutes with these easy steps: Pour 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup of […]

It’s getting time to fertilize trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs can sometimes be forgotten when it comes to fertilizing the yard in the spring. Young trees especially those with a trunk diameter of less than six inches can greatly benefit from regular applications of fertilizer. When young trees soak up fertilizer they grow quicker, develop a dense canopy and will stay green […]