April 2012 Newsletter


News From Them Thar Hills!

Volume 3, Issue 4, April 2012

What’s Happenin’?

The season is getting underway… tourist season, that is.

I know I used to list all sorts of goings-on in the newsletter but it seems every time I would find a listing of events on the local scene it would be in some sort of incompatible format. In order for me to list the events for ya’ll, it would take forever! I’m not exactly the fastest typist in the world.

I think a better plan would be to insert links to said lists so you folks can peruse them at your leisure. That, and I didn’t list every event due to time and space constraints. So this way you will get the lists un-edited!

While the lists may come from different cities and/or counties, be sure and take a minute to look through them. There are many events that are sure to suit the varied tastes associated with this newsletter.

I will take a moment to highlight one particular event. Actually, it occurs twice this month.

I know, for some of you, Led Zeppelin may not be your preferred genre of music. You could always bring earplugs!  Groovy, man.

4/13/2012 & 4/20/2012

Rollins Planetarium – Cosmic Concert: Led Zeppelin

Campus of Young Harris College
Young Harris, GA 30582

Location: Rollins Planetarium
Hours: 7:00 & 8:00 PM April 13th, & 20th
Phone: 706-379-5195
Sponsor: Young Harris College
Cost: Adults $3.00 Children & Non-YHC Students $2.00 YHC Students/Faculty/Staff Free with ID
Description: Led Zeppelin’s cosmic laser concert remains one of the most popular music shows ever performed in planetariums. Now see it as a full-dome video extravaganza! This one-of-a-kind concert transports the audience into a series of fantastical and surrealistic settings, taking visitors on a captivating journey led by this legendary rock band. The motions are calculated to heighten the transportive feeling, drawing audiences deeper into the ever-changing landscape of sight and sound. The soundtrack includes Led Zeppelin classics such as “Kashmir,” “Black Dog,” “Over the Hills and Far Away,” “Stairway to Heaven” and “Rock and Roll.” Cosmic Concerts contain loud music, flashing lights, spinning stars and other effects that some may find disruptive. This show is

The End of Impatiens?!?

It seems the pickins’ for shade plants are about to get a bit slimmer. Impatiens Downy Mildew is hitting growers hard all across the US, Europe and South Africa. Nurseries are warning customers to choose other shade loving annuals for future plantings.

Plasmopara obducens, the type of downy mildew that’s killing the impatiens, attacks only the Impatiens walleriana, which is most prevalent here. Two less common varieties that are more expensive and aren’t available in as many colors, SunPatiens and New Guinea, are not susceptible.

High humidity coupled with cool nights exacerbates the problem. There are some chemical products that may help with prevention but once infected, the impatiens don’t stand a chance. There are also signs this particular strain of downy mildew is developing some resistance to fungicides in general.

All is not lost! Besides the Impatiens varieties mentioned above, there are begonias, lobelia and osteospermum. There are also foliage annuals like caladiums, shade alternantheras and stromanthes.

So get out there and play in the dirt! It’s good for ya!!! Remember, you heard it here first.

Libations, Anyone?

If you enjoy a good glass of wine you should check out the Wine Shoppe located in Blairsville at 305 Murphy Hwy. in Union Station next to AT&T.

Owner Bill McGlamery has been collecting and studying wine for over 30 years. The Wine Shoppe carries wines from the world over, ranging in price from $9.00 to $200.00. Bill prides himself in helping his customer pick out that perfect bottle of wine. In addition to the amazing customer service, he will special order you favorite wine if need be.

Stop by and check out the store, and his wine tastings! We think you will be pleasantly surprised. Tell Bill that Cindy & Donald sent you!

Hours M—F  10 am—7 pm

Sat. 10:30 am—7 pm

706-745-WINE (9463)

North Georgia Happenings!

Here are a few links to “goin’s on” in the area.

Blue Ridge area – April Events

Blairsville area – April Events

Hiawassee area- Spring Events

We hope you find this format easy enough to navigate and find things that are of some interest to you!

If not, there is always “chip tossin” over at the cow pasture!

…a note from Cindy

We all know the weather has been unusually warm and accompanying the odd weather are some odd occurrences! Mosquitoes are already out. Carpenter bees are going crazy. We are seeing Carpenter ants (the big black ones) in many houses. On the good side, we did not have the usual swarms of the Asian ladybugs this year (yea!).

The big thing I want to make sure you are aware of is… the TICKS are out! Not only are they out early, we are seeing them in numbers. If you walk through any area with brush or tall grass please check to make sure you haven’t picked up any unwanted hitchhikers.

You should also make sure to get an early start with pet treatments. However, even with treatment, the ticks can hitch a ride and drop off in your house. At that time, you become the target!

Hopefully we will make it through April without any severe weather. If we do have any such occurrences, we will send out an email blast to make you aware of what is going on. Remember, if at any time you want to know what the weather is doing (or any thing else, for that matter) please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

As you can imagine, the weather has been fantastic! Everything bloomed at once and is/was beautiful. We are currently in the middle of the pollen release but it should be through soon. If you are not here, I hope you can make it soon!

Questions or comments? E-mail us at donald@gamtnhome.com or call 678-439-9125

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