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Spring is in the Air – Literally! POLLEN HAS ARRIVED As in many parts of the country the pollen has arrived here in the North Georgia Mountains.  Aside from the physical discomfort the mountain views have had that lazy yellow haze.  Experts are stating that the long harsh winter is likely to cause a harsh […]

The Importance of Gutters

As a maintenance company working here in the North Georgia Mountains I cannot believe how many homes we encounter that do not have gutters.  Gutters are one of those things that people do not really think they need and they do not want to worry about cleaning them.  The amount of damage that the lack […]

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Spring Cleaning!   I love this time of year!  It brings me back to being home helping my mother.  The radio would be playing throughout the house.  The windows would be opened and the wind would fill the house with the smells of rhododendrons.  I can close my eyes today and remember feeling the warm […]