Beware of Copperhead snakes

It’s getting hot up here in the North Georgia Mountains which means snakes have become a little more active in search of shady spots. The Copperhead snake can be found almost everywhere in the state of Georgia and is listed as one of the six most dangerous snakes! A Copperhead bite is almost never fatal to an adult, but can still be extremely painful, they can however be fatal to animals and small children. In fact Copperheads bite more people per year in the U.S. compared to any other snake!

There are five sub-species of Copperhead snakes and 3 of them are in Georgia. Since many share overlapping territories they will often cross breed. It is more likely to find one with traits from several sub-species. The good news though is that all of Georgia’s copperheads are close in appearance. If you can learn to identify one you can easily identify them all. The adult length of a Copperhead is 2 to over 3 feet in the wild. Most of them will have a light tan/brown color overlaid by darker cross bands that look like a hour glass or a Hershey kiss from the side. It is important to note though that not all will have a copper colored head. This snake is mostly active during the evening time so if you see one move away because they are very aggressive!

The chances of you coming into contact with a snake can be greatly reduced by keeping nearby bushes, leaves or other shrubbery trimmed so they don’t have as much shade to hide in.

If you need help keeping your bushes or shrubbery trimmed give us a call today to schedule your next landscape service and keep the snakes away!

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