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Clearing up Contact Confusion

Here at the office we get tons of contacts from both clients and prospective clients in a variety of formats and on a variety of devices. In the interest of not missing a message I thought I would help out with a little directory of sorts. This should help clear up any confusion of exactly […]

Listen to our Customers

Thanks Cindy Do the pipes need to be drained? I have the invoice and will pay that within the week I love everything you do and will be up to young Harris ASAP Best Carol

How to Shovel a Driveway

The Snow days of 2011 are beautiful but being home bound for days can make you stir crazy. To pass time I decided to make a short video of How to shovel a driveway. Cindy was born and bred in Wisconsin and has really taught me the ropes. Click on the link below¬† to View […]