We all know how hot and humid it gets in the North Georgia mountains during the summer. So when it comes to your home, maintaining a cool and dry atmosphere at all times is extremely important. While your air conditioner typically will solve this problem during the summer months, running the air conditioner constantly can result in extremely high electric bills. A dehumidifier will help keep your home cool and dry by removing the moisture in the air, and while an air conditioner can remove moisture from the air in well ventilated areas a dehumidifier takes this a step further by decreasing air humidity in all areas. A dehumidifier is most useful in poorly ventilated and damp areas these can include basements, crawl spaces, or even your entire home if it is closed up for long periods of time. The lack of ventilation and the increased moisture can buildup causing mildew and mold growth. This can cause permanent damage to furniture of all types, photos, carpets, and virtually anything including people if you breath in the mold spores. It is a sad fact that every year people unknowingly destroy their valuable possessions by not taking the proper steps to lower the level of moisture in their homes.

To better understand how a dehumidifier works it is important to know how it removes moisture from the air:

One of the main factors that contributes to the temperature in your home is the level of humidity. Homes with lots of humidity are  warmer, whereas homes with less humidity are cooler. Humidity can even make your home feel warmer than it actually is because the moisture creates the atmosphere of a sauna, which can cause excessive moisture  that is unable to evaporate. This can create something very similar to a heat index since the home feels much warmer than the temperature indicates. A dehumidifier will works similar to an air conditioner in that it removes the excess moisture from the air to make your home cooler and reduce the humidity. Unlike an air conditioner though a dehumidifier does not blow cool air into a room; it has two coils, a warm one and cool one that work to decrease humidity. In addition it is much more cost effective to cool your home by removing humidity from the air than to heat or cool it. Therefore using a humidifier in the summer months will enable you to run the air conditioner less while preventing excess moisture and mold  in your home.



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