Did you know hydrangeas can grow in the sun and the shade?

When you think of hydrangeas you probably think of the large clusters of flowers growing nicely in a shady spot in the yard, but did you know that certain types can grow in the sun too?

While it’s true that most hydrangeas do best in the shade certain varieties called Hydrangea paniculata prefer full sun. Most of the selections have large clusters of white flowers in summer, then they fade to shades of pink and red before drying to beige. In fact in many areas, they dry right on the stem in the fall and stay looking good through most of the winter.

Mophead hydrangeas (the ones with the big, puffy balls of flowers) are the ones that typically thrive in morning sun and afternoon shade. They bloom in June and July, but this makes the plant susceptible to winter damage and late spring frosts can also kill the buds before they open.

If you would like more information on planting and caring for hydrangeas feel free to give us a call.

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