It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer and the bugs are out and about. This also includes fleas! If you have had  problems with fleas in the past you have probably gone to great lengths to get rid of them vacuuming and cleaning. However, many people tend to forget that their pets also spend time outside in the yard. Even if you have treated your pet for fleas, the problem may persist because the fleas still have access to your home by way of your pet. It’s also important to remember that fleas can live on your blood too and not just your pet’s. So along with the inside of the house, you will also need to give the yard some attention in order to bring an infestation under control.


Fleas love cool, shady, and moist places. They especially like shrubs, leaves, and trees, and don’t fare well in sunny areas or in open grass. Be sure to look around your yard and identity the areas where fleas are likely to live. Keeping the grass, trees and shrubs trimmed is an easy way to reduce the flea population in your yard. Also, make sure to clean all piles of debris and leaves that may be on the ground and sweep patios, under decks and lawn furniture.

Unless you have a major flea infestation keeping the yard clean and free of debris should do the trick. You may not even need to use chemical treatments, but if it does become necessary make sure you read the labels carefully before choosing which one to use. This is very important because some chemicals can be harmful to pets as well as humans. Chemical treatment should only be necessary in shady, humid areas of the yard where fleas like to live. Open areas that get plenty of sunlight won’t need to be sprayed. Your main focus should be on areas under bushes, trees, decks,  ect.

If you want a natural approach as an alternative to chemicals you may want consider using beneficial nematodes in the yard. These are microscopic worms that are found naturally in the dirt. Application of nematodes is done with either a sprayer or spreader and these types of worms are not parasitic and do not affect humans, pets, or plants. What they do is seek out insects such as fleas and insert themselves into the immature insect’s body. The nematodes then send out a toxin that kills the fleas within a short period of time. The nematodes are also able to reproduce in the yard where they have been released and their effects will last for several months!

One other options may be to spread an abrading agent such as diatomaceous earth on your yard. This product is made from bodies of microscopic fossils. It works by drying out the bodies of adult fleas, killing them. Look for a natural grade of diatomaceous earth in either your local  garden or pet store. This dust works best when conditions are not very wet, so if you apply it make sure it’s not going to rain right away.


No matter which method you choose to use in your home or yard be sure to get advice from your veterinarian before use. Chemicals and even some naturally derived products can be dangerous to animals.


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