Have You Ever Asked Yourself…

“When was the last time I washed my bath mats?”

Well – If you have – then it has been waaaayy to long!

I have done a little online searching and found that most people fall under two different categories.  Either they are very good and wash them every week or they only wash them when they look dirty (about once a month).  Bath mats are an excellent breeding ground for germs.  The rubber back bath mats are the worse kind.  You should never put them in a dryer, so after washing you should hang them to dry (preferable outside) before placing them back on your bathroom floor.  This takes time and good weather!

Do you pick up your bath mat and hang it to dry like you would a towel after each use or do you let it stay on your floor wet and damp?  A floor does not allow your mat to breathe and dry out.  Mold and mildew love damp dark areas and under the bath mat is the best place to start.

I have a rental client that I would like to mention.  This client has given us enough bath mats to ensure that we are able to wash them after each guest has left.  He has enough for us to easily change them out each and every time.  He has also made sure that they are not the ones that have the rubber backing.  This allows us to wash them in hot water and dry them, killing all those bad yucky germs. Kudos to my client!  And Thank You!  My crew members treat it just like a towel.  It definitely makes a big difference in his home.  Every time we are there to clean it is just that little extra touch that makes his home feel fresh and clean!