How to keep your shower glass clean


Unless you have a open shower you probably either have a curtain or glass to keep the water inside. No matter what you have though I’m sure we can all agree that shower glass is a pain to keep clean! Cleaning hard water buildup and soap scum is no easy task. Thankfully though we have created some helpful tips to make your life a little easier:


•Invest in a squeegee. It only takes a couple minutes tops and by doing this every day you help to prevent buildup on the glass.
•Spray your shower with a daily shower cleaner such as Scrubbing Bubbles. This will also help to prevent buildup from even forming.
•Use a dryer sheet. Get it slightly damp and use it to wipe down the glass. The same ingredients that soften your laundry will soften the soap scum and make it easier to wipe off.
•Use a magic eraser it will also help to get rid of soap scum and hard water deposits.
•If the buildup is not bad use a multi purpose cleaner such as Pine Sol and a soft microfiber towel to wipe everything down.


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