How to keep your trash bug free

trash can

The only thing worse then smelly trash is smelly trash with bugs! Have you ever opened the lid only to have fruit flies swarm in your face or even worse you lift out the bag and see maggots? Even if you keep your garbage can indoors bugs can still find a way in because of the odors being emitted. Below you can find some helpful tips to keep the bugs away:


•If you throw food away put the scraps in a separate sealed container such as a zip lock bag.

•Use a trash can with a lid. The tighter the lid the better as it will help keep bugs out.

•Make sure you change your garbage bag frequently. Don’t just empty the contents and leave the bag inside the can. Replace the bag with a new one.

•Clean out the garbage can with bleach from time to time. If the bag has leaked or food missed the bag and went down the side the odors are still present and can send out an invitation  to pests.

•Put moth balls in the bottom of your garbage cans. This helps mask the odor and keeps bugs away.


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