IS your air filter dirty?

It’s allergy season and the pollen is out! You’re tracking it in your home on your shoes, it’s coming in your windows. You know your air filter might be dirty but it still does the job right? Wrong! Not only does a dirty air filter not clean the air but it can cause major problems in your home leading to costly repairs.

Did you know that dirt and neglect are one of the leading causes of heating and cooling systems failing? A clogged air filter can cause major damage to your heating and cooling system possibly costing thousands of dollars in repair and replacement costs. By simply changing the air filter in your system you are ensuring that it stays working properly and that you are getting cleaner and healthier air. This is particularly important for children, the elderly, and those suffering from allergies and asthma.

A clean air filter means you are not circulating dust, dust mites, pollen and other small particles throughout your home. With a clean filter your system will be able to purify the air leaving it clean and healthy.

Aside from unnecessary damage to your heating and cooling system and cleaner air cleaning out or changing a clogged air filter will also save you a significant amount of money on operating costs! Did you know a dirty air filter uses much more energy than a clean air filter? This means if you have a dirty air filter you also have a higher electricity bill. By keeping your air filter clean and in good condition you can save up to 15% on utility costs!

If you need help changing your air filters, or ridding your house of dust, pollen, or dust mites give us a call today to schedule your next cleaning service!

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