It’s important to clean your unattended home

If you own a second home thinking about cleaning it when you are away is probably far from your mind. However, keeping a unattended home clean is just as important as keeping the home you live in clean. A unattended home can still attract dust, mold, mildew, mites, spiders, etc if not properly cleaned from time to time. Bugs such as spiders love low traffic areas and are ready to move right in when your not there. By keeping the home free of cobwebs and dust you can insure you don’t come back to infestations. Not to mention dust mites and all that scrubbing you will have to do to remove the dust build up. Plus cleaning your home and letting it air out from time to time reduces the chances of mold and mildew growing from the humidity of the hot Georgia summers. We recommend cleaning a unattended home a minimum of every 2 months but every month is the best to insure it’s kept spotless.

Did you know CHS offers cleaning services?

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