It’s pollen time

What is this yellow stuff on my car? This is a frequent question heard in the North Georgia mountains during the spring. Pine pollen is easily recognized by its yellow color. In addition, the sappy texture makes it stick to most surfaces so you will see it on your car, lawn furniture and anything else that sits outside during pollen season. It is also easily tracked into your house on your shoes and clothing. Pine pollen generally lasts several weeks and as tempting as it may be to clean the pollen off of all surfaces as soon as you see it, it is best to wait until it is done falling as everything will be yellow again with in a hour or two of cleaning. When the pine pollen has finally stopped it is recommended that you pressure wash your decks and outside surfaces so that you can get rid of the pollen and stop tracking it into your home.

Many people also have allergies to pine pollen and can have Itchy tearing red eyes, bags under the eyes, runny nose with or without sneezing, congestion, and coughing. Due to this it is also recommended that you do a thorough cleaning of your indoor surfaces as well. This includes:
– vacuuming and steam cleaning to remove pollen that’s trapped in the carpet.
– mopping hard surfaces.
– dusting with a damp rag to remove pollen residue that has settled from the air.

Contact Complete Home Services to schedule a cleaning service for both indoors and out to get rid of the pollen and reduce your allergies.

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