It’s time for skunks

Skunk mating season has arrived! Skunks breed in February and March so you could be seeing them out and about more frequently. Once breeding season is over they will go unseen again, for now please watch out for them on roads and watch your dogs when you let them out. Skunks will never run up to your dog and spray them or bite, but if your dog goes after a skunk they will get sprayed and I’m sure you don’t want your pooch smelling like skunk.

Skunks do not hibernate but they do sleep for days in the winter. Food is scarce for them right now so if you do see them out in the day don’t freak out they are just looking for food or a mate.

Skunks are very docile animals and they are good to have around as they eat mice, rats, grubs, moles, and snakes just to name a few food sources.

Let’s give them a break and understand it’s mating season and they are desperately trying to find food.

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