January 2011 Newsletter

News From Them Thar Hills!
Volume 2, Issue 1, January 2011 2010

I’m Dreaming…

Nearly a foot of snow fell on Christmas day. Talk about a white Christmas! That was the first time Atlanta received any measurable amount of snow on Christmas day since 1884. While it was very picturesque and all, it quickly turned into quite the mess.

We were in Cleveland, GA. at my mother in-law’s place where we only received about an inch of the white stuff. I called Cindy to get a status report on what was transpiring at the house and she informed me that we had about 9” on the ground at that time. Wow! So we decided to head home the afternoon of the 26th. Across Blood Mountain we came. It was mostly clear (thanks to GDOT) but interesting nonetheless. The closer we got to Fannin Co. the deeper the snow got. The dam at Lake Nottley was iced over nice and thick but our little Camry made it just fine. When we got to the gravel road that leads back to our place that was quite another story. The snow was so deep that it began to pile up in front of the car’s bumper as we made our way down to our driveway. We stopped at the top of our drive as it was evident that we were not going to make it down to the house unscathed. While Patti waited I hiked down to the house and got the tractor key, hiked up to the tractor and spent about 15 minutes digging the snow off of the tractor so I could get it started. I then proceeded to push the snow off of the drive. Being a child of the deep south this is the second most snow I have ever experienced. We still couldn’t make it all the way to the house due to a hill at the end of the drive. With the additional snow we received that night and the next day it was just under a foot.

Some of the tenants of rental cabins we service were not so lucky. One group of folks were stuck in the house they rented for a week after they were scheduled to leave. They called Cindy on the day before they actually got to leave and said they were sharing a box of macaroni and cheese and a pack of bologna between 5 people! Cindy said the lady was nearly in tears. We have received reports that lots of people were stuck in various parts of these thar hills and didn’t have any kind words for the county road department. To be fair many of them were located down private roads and as such aren’t covered by typical county services. Our road is one such road. I certainly feel for those folks.

On top of all of this the actuator for the 4 wheel drive on the company truck picked that time to go out. I’m thinking of starting a sled dog service for next winter. MUSH!!! This service may cost a bit extra!
Well Kiddies, it’s time for another installment of…
Did You Know?

Modern appliances surely make our live much easier in many ways. One of the problems with them is that when they malfunction they are usually more expensive to repair. They are also more exacting in their operating requirements. The subject of today’s discussion is front load washers.

They are more economical to run, easier on your clothes and use less water to boot. But how many of us read the instructions? We use a top notch appliance repair company who are authorized repair techs for most of the brands out there. We have recently used them to effect repairs on front load washers for several clients. One of the issues that comes up again and again is the detergent used. Most high efficiency washers require a detergent formulated especially for use in such machines. They usually have an (he) designation some where on the front of the bottle of detergent. The repair tech has stated that one of the most common problems he runs into is the use of the wrong kind of detergent or the over-use of the right kind. Evidently these new machines have sensors in them that dictate how long rinse cycles need to run to adequately remove the soap from the clothes. Use too much and the rinse cycle can take forever. An additional side effect is the clogging of said sensor necessitating repair or replacement. He said it can further cause other issues with the washers as well. He recommended using only about 1 tablespoon of he detergent per load. I know this may not seem like an adequate amount but Cindy has switched to this amount and it cleans very well.

Don’t let those fancy, new fangled machines get the better of you! While service calls such as these are part of our business we know they can be hard on your wallet. So save that money and instead use it to get you gutters cleaned, deck washed, windows washed or just as a Christmas bonus for your favorite home services company! Alternatively, I suppose you could just keep it in the bank.

Kristi Cornwell Update

For those of you who have not heard it seems they have found the remains of missing person Kristi Cornwell. Her burned skeletal remains were found by her brother on Saturday, Jan. 1st, 20 months after her disappearance. They were found just off of Moccasin Road. The GBI investigators in the case had only just recently informed the brother that prime suspect James Scott Carringer’s cell phone records indicated he was in that area around 11:30 pm the night Kristi disappeared. Carringer committed suicide after a standoff with police trying to serve an arrest warrant for rape of a Gilmer Co. teenager. The coroner’s office was unable to determine the exact cause of death. The Cornwell family was relieved to finally lay Kristi to rest.

The family, and her brother in particular, showed unyielding tenacity in the search for Kristi or her remains. That he found her came as no small surprise to the investigators in the case.

That’s a heck of a way to start the New Year. May she rest in peace.

The old Union County courthouse on the square during the last snowfall. A nice piece of eye candy sent to us by one of our clients. Enjoy!

Local Eatin’

Yep, another new feature. It can be down right intimidatin’ to keep you folks entertained and informed. The local folks can put on a pretty good feedbag when they put their mind to it. We will be featuring, and critiquing, some of them here.

The first victim is the Owl Town Market. They are located south of Blairsville on Hwy129/Gainesville Hwy. This was the location of the Owl Town grocery and feed a while back. I have bought chicken feed and fence supplies there many a time. The only feed sold there nowabouts is fer two legged critters. In the interest of full disclosure I have not personally eaten there but I hear tell it shore is good eatin’.

They are a mix of eat-in vittles, some of that thar fine art, a meetin’ place and convenience store. Why, I hear tale there is even live fiddlin’ on most weekends. All they need is a live cattle auction out back and a place to tie my horse and they would have it all.

They have a down right mouth waterin’ assortment of goodies to tempt the palat. They have their own chef (not one of them fancy French fellers mind you) who regularly makes up breakfast and lunch most days and supper on Fridays.

They have a mete man what whups up sausages of all kinds. Why he even makes mete loaf and such! Be sure and stop in and git you a mess.

The next time I can git the wife all gussied up we’ll head out and sample some more local cuisin. I gotta go now, I think I done burned up my danged ol’ spell check!

Vittles For Every Season!

Well, here in the dead of winter there’s just not much in season. That doesn’t mean you can’t eat well, just not fresh. I was thinking about a recipe for squirrel gumbo but was over-ruled.

This is a great time for making a pot of beans or a grain based dish. There are many traditional recipes for hearty winter dishes, but I like an assorted bean stew.  Dried beans are exceptionally high in nutrients and fiber.  Time is usually an issue when preparing beans so here is an easy option.

Buy a bag of 15 bean soup and follow the recipe which calls for onion, tomatoes, chili powder, lemon and garlic.  The bag comes with a seasoning packet.  Add water and put in a crock pot and let cook on low 10-12 hours.  And, if you so desire you can still put in that squirrel, if not available at your local market a ham hock works great!

…a note from Cindy

2011 brings many changes and the newsletter is no exception. We have added a local restaurant review column which we hope will help guide you in your dining choices when you are up. There are lots of newer eateries in the tri-county area to tickle your taste buds.

We also are working to keep you abreast of the local news. There is always something going on around here. We will try to avoid the gossip and stick to the facts.

We hope you enjoy the changes. If you have an experience with or a recommendation for a local restaurant drop us a line. We do appreciate your input!

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