January 2012 Newsletter


News From Them Thar Hills!

Volume 3, Issue 1, January 2012

Happy New Year!

Well, another year has come and gone. They just seem to keep coming, don’t they?

There are some signs that the economy is trying to struggle forward. That is fairly evident by the increase in winter activity here at CHS. This is the busiest winter we have had to date. In fact, the whole of 2011 was pretty dang busy! Our company has grown quite a bit this last year. We have several new employees and a plethora of new clients, with more each week. So much for the winter downtime!

We are busy training new employees as well as bringing greater efficiency into our business routine. Our website has figured greatly in the growth of 2011, as well as our top rating on the search engines.

One of the greatest assets we have these days is our top-notch customer base. Word of mouth is a great asset. If the referral rewards we offer are any indication, it seems we are doing a pretty good job. We constantly strive for perfection! Although ultimately an un-attainable goal, it is the continual effort that trumps the actual attainment. We are always working to improve our service, constantly looking for innovative and economical solutions to the challenges presented by an ever varied and growing customer base.

So a great big hearty THANK YOU goes out to all of you for making 2011 a great year! We seek to return the favor by taking the lessons learned and applying them in the coming year. We appreciate the trust you place in us and plan to reward that trust by living up to your expectations of Complete Home Services while always working to exceed them.

Archeology in the Appalachians!

You may (or may not) be familiar with Archeological Zone 9UN367 at Trackrock Gap but it is a nice place to visit and a pretty good hike to boot. There are some ruins there that have been partially explored/excavated. One of the mounds, which has yet to be excavated, have qualities that make it unique when compared to other mounds found across the US.

A writer for Architecture & Design Examiner, Richard Thornton, has made the assertion that this is possibly a Mayan settlement. It has been previously established that the site dates back to a time prior to Cherokee settlement of the area. Also, the Cherokee never claimed to have built it. They referred to it as a “sacred place.”

Well, as one might imagine, this has created a bit of a stir among the scientific community, especially with the researcher cited in the article, archaeologist Mark Williams of the University of Georgia and Director of the LAMAR Institute. Mr. Williams dismisses the story out of hand and many others have even less nice things to say about the claims by Richard Thornton.

Rather than inserting my opinion regarding the matter, I am choosing instead to post a link to the story, Maya Ruins in N. Georgia?, so you might peruse the story and read the abundance of comments following same and come to your own opinion.

Either way, it is a bit exciting to think there could be a link to the once-powerful and vast Mayan civilization right here in our own backyard. The scientific community consensus that there is no factual evidence to support the assertion the Maya settled in this area is correct… thus far. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with credentials looking for said evidence at the moment. That could very well change in the near future.

Please Insert Input Here

All right folks, it’s time for a little company/client interaction. No, we’re not going to hold hands and sing Kumbaya (unless you really want to), we just need to ask you something.

Having spent some time in the service industry in my short time on planet Earth, I have found that many people are not easy to please. However, most of our clientele seem to be very flattering and amenable to working with us as far as scheduling, etc. (you know who you are).

Now, I know that you can’t please all of the people all of the time, which brings me to the heart of this article. Please finish these sentences: I like the way you (clean house, windows, etc.) but I really wish you would ________.  All of the services you offer are great but we would like you to offer ________.  The newsletter is fine but could you write more about __________?  I hope you get the gist of what we are trying to find out. We want to know what you want!

Of course, we could be achieving the aforementioned perfection and you have no lacking needs in regard to our services (which means the psychics I talked Cindy into hiring really are working!).

Please be frank when responding, our skin isn’t too thin. Well, mine isn’t anyway.

…a note from Cindy

This winter has been so mild compared to the freezing, snowy winter of 2011.The year has started with warm temperatures and a lot of rain, even a thunderstorm or two. I sit hear pondering the New Year I cannot help but wonder what a mild winter will bring to the North Georgia Mountains.The first thing that pops into my head is BUGS.Being in so many cabins during the course of the year we see many insect patterns.Last spring with all the rain we were routinely finding ants in the houses.Last fall when the Lady bugs usually start invading the houses there were virtually none.One thing we have been seeing a little more than usual is Scorpions. If you have found them in your house do not be alarmed as we usually find them in everyone’s house at one time or another.

Scorpions are best known for their sting.In some areas of the world they are very dangerous however those found in Georgia have a sting equal to that of a bee. Stings typically produce a burning pain but it usually does not last long.However, anyone allergic to venoms should immediately seek medical attention. Here in the mountains we have the Southern Devil Scorpion.

To minimize your scorpion population reduce their habitat such as stones, bricks or firewood on the ground, wood debris, buckets, etc and other places where they can hide. You will find scorpions most appear in cool damp places. entry points and when necessary there are insecticides labeled for scorpion control.

In closing, scorpions play an important role in nature and prey on a large number of insects which could easily become “pests”. They especially like those scary looking mole crickets that like to lurk in your basement areas.They are not looking to sting you but only out venturing for food or mates during the hours of darkness.So, even though they look scary you do not need to panic as they are a part of these mountains.

I hope each and every one of you has a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2012!

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