January 2013 Newsletter


News From Them Thar Hills!

Volume 4, Issue 1, January 2013

Happy New Year!

Well, another year has once again passed. The trials and tribulations of 2012 have left their scars and imparted their lessons. But did we learn anything? As I look upon the world around me, I wonder…  Moving forward, we look ahead to the lessons to be learned in 2013. May they be less painful than the lessons of 2012. I am certainly thankful for my health. I realized this recently when I succumbed to the flu over the holidays. I didn’t have the real nasty one so many have had but it was bad enough. It’s only been about 13—15 years since my last run in with the flu. Not long enough! Luckily, Patti and I came down with it at the same time. Of course, Patti doesn’t feel very lucky in that regard.

We here at Complete Home Services are thankful for all of our clients. We picked up quite a few new ones in 2012, many from your referrals. We have also solidified our relationship with many existing clients. We know when you hire a company to provide services for your “home away from home”, that decision is accompanied by a certain amount of trepidation, and understandably so. We work diligently to earn the trust so graciously conveyed to us and will continue to do so in the coming years.

We have also had several personnel changes over the last year. We realize that some of you, especially when it comes to the cleaning crews, like to see familiar faces show up each time a service is scheduled. While we do try and have crews trained to specific routes and clients, illness (employee and/or child), accidents or no-shows make it difficult. Like any business, we do experience some employee turnover. It’s unavoidable and sometimes necessary. We have retained some very good employees and are working to find and hire more. Our standards and needs demand good, solid workers and at times they are hard to find. We soldier on!

We are also working on increasing efficiency. We are making equipment purchases that will facilitate greater efficiency for some of the work we do. Cindy and I are also working to complete different training courses to provide a greater level of service to our clients in several different areas. Finding the time to do this is quite the challenge but what would life be without a few challenges?

Cindy and I have discovered that Complete Home Services is a unique business concept. I know there are similar businesses, but we feel we have a unique approach. We do not view our clients as numbers on our computers. You have entrusted us with varying levels of access to your property and the possessions contained therein. That is an awesome responsibility, one that we cherish and will never shrink from. We hate giving bad news to clients when necessary, but it is part of our job. The other part is fixing the problem. When a property issue arises, and some can be severe, we do whatever it takes to stop whatever the problem is, jump into damage control mode, assess the issue and formulate solutions. We then work with the client to ensure resolution in a timely manner. For us it is a personal matter because it is your personal property and, most of the time, you are not here. Therefore, it is up to us to learn what your needs and wants for your property are so we may be of assistance in achieving the desired outcome. We are, in essence, your local surrogates. It can be as much personal as business. At least that’s the view from here.

Rain, Rain… and then MORE RAIN!

January 2013 has officially (according to my records) been the rainiest January in at least the last 7 years. The ground cannot soak up one more drop! Creeks are overflowing. Roads and bridges are washing out. Lake Nottely has risen quite a bit.

I have included a couple of photos of the bridge over the Valley River in Murphy, NC. It’s the one by Lowes. It was partially washed out earlier this week. With it went the water and sewage service for many local businesses and schools.   The bridge has been severely damaged and is “closed indefinitely”. And to think… January is not over yet!

Change For 2013

Hopefully, I will be able to have a bit more time in the coming year to work on better communication with our clients. To that end, we are looking at making some changes to the newsletter.

Basically, we would like to format it so we can send it in a traditional email form instead of an attached PDF file. There are several services and platforms available for me to work with. I probably won’t be able to play with pictures and graphics as much and the articles will be in short form, leaving you the option of clicking on a link at the bottom of each article if you wanted to read more.

Being busy ourselves, we realize that some of you may not want to slog through prolonged epistles once a month. And sure, some of the pictures are interesting but with the internet you can find them almost anytime. Interminable tales from the countryside of life have their fans but I will link them to my farm site* where you can read them, sans expurgations. I mean, who uses words like “expurgations” anyway?

I realize that many of my generation, and the ones that followed, have succumbed to the MTV-induced attention span of a gnat. Besides, long, graphic intensive newsletters don’t mesh well with tiny smartphone screens. Hey, we’ve got to keep up with the times and technology, don’t we?