Keep bats out of your home

Your home can be a prime spot for bats to hibernate as it’s a safe and warm place. Hibernation time is from November till the mid of March. During this time you can find colonies of bats. There are a few things you can do now to keep them away from your home for the winter:

•Get rid of standing water. If you have an area that always has water sitting in it such as bird baths, rain catchers, or clogged gutters you are attracting bats with a consistent source of water. Be sure to drain the bird baths and rain catchers and keep your gutters clean and free of leaves and debris.
•Keep your home pest free. The main food source for bats are insects. Be sure to resolve any insect issues around your home to reduce the chances of bats coming near it.
•Place fake owls near your home. Owls are a predator for bats. When you place the fake owls near by the bats will take notice and stay away.


Do you already have bats on your porch or in your home? If so you can follow these tips to get rid of them:
•Inspect all entry and exit areas for the bats on the porch or home. Also note the primary areas of entry and exit.
•Seal all the entries except the primary ones.
•Install screen mesh around the primary holes and ensure that the sides and the top of the mesh are fitted tightly, but bottom side is left free, so that the bats can go out but cannot fly back in.
•Wait for a week or two and ensure that all the bats are out.
•Seal the primary areas of entry.



Do you have bat damage or bats near your home? If so did you know that CHS will patch the bat holes for you? We also place fake owls to deter them from your home. Give us call today and keep your home bat free.


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