March 2010 Newsletter

Complete Home Services presents:

Volume 1, Issue 2,  March 2010


News From Them Thar Hills!

News Flash!

Is Spring Around the Corner?

I have seen flocks of Red-breasted Robins the likes of which I haven’t seen for several years. Did you know that populations of Robins, Blue Jays and Crows in Georgia were hurt by the Avian flu that hit the wild bird community several years ago?

Maybe it’s a good sign that they are returning in the numbers that I am seeing. It is a sure sign that Spring is around the corner. Temperatures are forecast to be lower than normal for the Southeast over the next 30 days. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am ready for a return to warm weather!

March Mountain Events

6 – 7  Backpacking Clinic & Appalachian Trail Celebration

Amicalola Falls State Park. Two days of guest speakers, demonstrations on proper gear and instructions.  706-265-1969

20 – 21 Wine Highway Weekend, North Georgia Mountains

Nine wineries from Young Harris to Dahlonega participate. Two full days, choose which winery you visit first to pay your one-time fee. For more info contact the Georgia Winegrowers Association @ 706-878-9463 or

26 – 28 Celtic Music Festival

Dahlonega. Celtic -themed workshops, bagpipers and demonstrations. The Celtic Marketplace, including arts, crafts and other Celtic vendors, will be set up around the Historic Dahlonega Square. 800-231-5543 or

27 Annual Easter Egg Hunt

Meeks Park – Blairsville  Union County Recreation Department  706-439-6074 or

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Lawn & Landscape Activities for February

Divide Hostas.

Fertilize Zoysia grass.

Lime and seed Fescue lawns.

Fertilize Roses.

Watch for our exciting announcement of a new service that will offer you a bit more piece of mind, and $ savings, in the ongoing care of your home.

Did Ya Know?

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it make a sound? While that’s a quaint philosophical notion I have a more practical lesson for you.

If one of your trees falls on your house or your neighbors house your homeowners insurance will pay.

If one of your dead trees falls on your neighbors house homeowners will pay but if the same dead tree falls on your house, your insurance company probably won’t pay (give ‘em a call to find out).

Call Complete Home Services today to schedule an inspection of the trees around your home. Spring green-up is the best time to identify dead or dying trees and remove them. While we do tree removal, if the tree is perilously close to your home we can arrange for a professional service to do the job and make sure price gouging is not part of the equation!

Home Invasions On The Rise!

It’s no secret that many segments of the economy are struggling at best. With unemployment at 30 year highs the criminal element are taking advantage by targeting unoccupied dwellings seeking easy pickings. Take some steps to make sure your home doesn’t become a statistic.

Timer activated lighting, both inside and out, can be an effective deterrent as thieves don’t care for the spotlight. Motion activated lighting is as good or better.

Make sure your locks are in good shape. Deadbolts should always be double keyed as this prevents the thieves from using your door to easily walk out with larger electronics and the like.

Despite these and other measures your home may still be vulnerable. Call Complete Home Services today to schedule regular Security Checks to establish a preventative presence and to alert you to any issues that may arise with your home.