North Georgia Wildlife Part 1 (Coyotes)

North Georgia Wildlife Part 1


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Since the 1960’s coyote numbers have dramatically increased in Georgia. Coyotes now live in 159 counties in Georgia including the North Georgia Mountains. Coyotes are medium sized canines ranging from 25-40 lbs. They can vary in color from reddish brown to black, but the standard coloration is brownish gray. A bushy tail is held straight behind the body. An average adult is 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 feet long. Coyotes mate in February and have from 5-7 pups in April. The pups are weaned and stay with the adults until they disperse in fall. During the time the female is giving birth and taking care of her pups the male is the one who goes out and hunts. When the pups are old enough to go out on their own the coyotes come out in numbers. They only hunt in packs in fall and winter which is why this time of year you need to be on the lookout a little bit more than usual. There high pitched yipping, howling, and barking is very common to hear in late summer through the beginning of winter. Although coyotes are timid and shy and generally do not attack humans unless a virus such as rabies or parvo is present they do sometimes kill small live stock or small household pets such as cats and dogs even though there prey of choice is generally small rodents and turkey. Some people say that while using turkey callers to hunt coyotes have appeared looking for the turkey. Still to be on the safe side during the fall and winter months it is a good idea not to leave your pet outside unattended.

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