Plant care in extreme heat


There has definitely not been a shortage of hot weather here in the North Georgia Mountains. Did you know that during extreme heat your plants can suffer just as much as you? Below you will find some helpful tips to keep your plants happy during this hot summer:

•Did you know that temperatures above 90 F can speed up the normal growing process of a plant? This means that most plants can only take temperatures up to 90 degrees fairly well. Anything hotter than that the more the plant will suffer and the longer high temperatures persist the greater chance of injury to the plant.


•Hot soil can also effect plant growth. Both shallow rooted and container plants can suffer from soil heat buildup.  Mulching the soil surfaces around the plants can help to stabilize soil temperatures.


•The intense sunlight can also be too much for some sensitive plants. Reflected light from walls, retained heat from buildings, sidewalks or roadways can also cause problems as well. Stunted plant growth and a yellow/white “burn” on the surface of leaves are symptoms of too much intense sunlight.


•When watering all types of plants during the extreme heat there are two rules of thumb:
1.Only water early in the morning.
2.Only water late in the evening. Watering during the heat of the day can cause several problems like water evaporation and leaf wilt. You might think that when a plant has been suffering in the heat all day a drink of water would help, but in reality it is much better for the plants if you wait until dusk or dawn. This allows the plants to have time to soak up the moisture and prepare themselves for the heat of another summer day.


•Plant location is also a key factor in having a healthy plant.
1.Shaded locations can help cut some summer stress for heat and sunlight sensitive plants.
2.Eastern exposures or open areas are generally preferred for blooming plants as these plants typically get early morning sun, but some shade in the afternoon.
3.Southern or western exposures are subject to direct and intense sunlight.




Do you need help caring for your plants this summer? If the answer is yes, be sure to give CHS a call to schedule your next yard service.


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