Poison ivy


Poison ivy usually has three wide spoon like leaves but it can have more! It can climb like a vine or grow low to the ground spreading through grass and ivy. 

I’m sure most of us know how irritating a poison ivy rash can be. This rash is caused by an oil found in the plant. The itchy, blistering rash often does not start until 12-72 hours after you come in contact with the plant. If you do come in contact with poison ivy there are a few things you can do to treat the rash at home:

  1. Wash the area with cool soapy water and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Wash all clothes and materials that have come in contact with the poison ivy. The oil from the poison ivy can last for years so failure to clean everything properly could result in another outbreak later.
  3. Over the counter cortisone cream and/or calamine lotion can help to ease the itch and dry the rash out. 

The rash should resolve its self in a couple weeks, but with anything if you have swelling, trouble breathing or swallowing, go to an emergency room immediately! 

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