Spring is in the Air – Literally!


As in many parts of the country the pollen has arrived here in the North Georgia Mountains.  Aside from the physical discomfort the mountain views have had that lazy yellow haze.  Experts are stating that the long harsh winter is likely to cause a harsh allergy season.  The freezing temperatures of the long winter may have delayed the blooming of the trees and now that the temperatures are finally warming the trees are blooming at the same time that the grasses are starting to bloom resulting  in a dramatic rise in pollen.

Cosmetically, the cars, homes, windows and decks are covered in yellow.  We are busy scheduling window washing, pressure washing and pressure rinsing once the pollen has died down.  If you wish to be added to the list let us know.  Just so you know ,we are scheduling on a first come, first serve basis.

Have a wonderful spring and “gesundheit”!

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