Prevent Mice Now

Prevent Mice Now


The weather in the North GA mountains is getting cooler and now is the time that mice will start entering homes. Mice can enter your home through small cracks and holes in search of food and a warm place to nest. They can live off of crumbs and make nests in unused corners of your home. In order to prevent mice from entering your home make sure it is sealed properly, clean out any areas that mice like to nest and make sure all food sources are removed.


Sealing your home:

– Make sure any doors leading outside are properly closed especially at night. This also includes garage doors. If you like fresh air make sure a screen door is installed.

– Mice are very good climbers and have no problem getting into windows. Make sure all your windows are either properly closed or screened.

– Inspect the foundation for cracks and holes. A small mouse can fit into a hole that is 1/4 inch in diameter.


Cleaning your home:

– Get rid of clutter. Mice tend to nest in corners of basements, attics, closets, storage areas, or any room that is not frequently used.

– Mop the floors and vacuum frequently. Crumbs, spills, and debris can attract mice.

  *Pay special attention to corners where dust and hair collect as mice use this debris to make nests.*


Removing food sources:

– Mouse proof your kitchen by using a trash can with a secure lid, tightly seal food containers, Do not store food close to the floor, and clean up all crumbs and spills right away. This also includes toasters and toaster ovens.

– Don’t leave pet food sitting out all day and make your pets food is properly stored.


Remember Don’t let your house become a home for a mouse!

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