Complete Home Services has multiple rental clients that have different check-in and check-out times.  This is one of the reasons why we prefer a schedule that is at least two weeks out.  We also work hard and closely with the owners on last minute schedule changes/new rentals however it is important that we know ahead of time when the guests will be arriving and departing.  This allows CHS to complete your cleaning to the best of our ability with the understanding that if you have scheduled a rental cleaning that day, CHS may have up to six or eight other homes on that same day!   We need to not only have your home ready for your next guests but may have a home that has a turn cleaning scheduled.  (TURN – one set of guests departing on the same day a new set of guests are arriving.)
On late departures, We require that the girls contact Cindy or April when they arrive and see that the guest(s) are still present.  Then one of us calls you (the home owner). Was their a mistake in communication on departure date/time?  Maybe the guest(s) had asked to stay another night!  CHS has trained the girls to speak with the guests.  We inform the guest(s) politely and properly of the check-out time.  Then ask how long it will be before they depart.  The girls do not enter the rental home unless the guest(s) have given the girls permission to come in and start. I also require the girls to call me when the guest(s) have departed.  This allows me to know that my girls are still safe on entering your home.  We deal with a lot of back dirt roads and no cell service.  Top priority is the girls safety!  This is also one of the reasons why we work in teams.
If your guests decide to depart late – this makes that team of girls late for the whole day.  It is very import to express to your guests your departure time.
If for some reason the guest(s) have decided to stay another day and we had not been notified – CHS will be forced to charge you a trip fee for the girls time.

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