Spring cleaning!

spring cleaning

I love the spring! My mom would open the doors and windows and clean as me and my brother played outside. I can still smell the Pine-Sol. Ah how I love that smell! For me spring always seemed like a time for rejuvenation so why should your home be any different? After several months of being closed up for the winter dirt and dust has probably built up in your home. Now is the perfect time to give your home new life and do some deep cleaning.

Here are some helpful tips to help get you started:


-Deep clean or replace your door mat. You don’t want to track dirt into your newly cleaned home.
– Shampoo carpets and clean upholstery.
– Mop hard surface flooring.
– Wash walls, cabinets, and baseboards with a wet sponge and a little dish detergent.
– Move furniture and  vacuum.
– Clean ceiling fans and air vents with a damp cloth and a vacuum with a nozzle attachment.
– Wipe down your light fixtures with an all purpose cleaner.
– Wipe down the inside of your refrigerator with a damp cloth and clean the coils behind it to remove built up dust.
*Tip* To remove dust from coils attached to the back side of the fridge carefully pull the refrigerator out several feet and vacuum thoroughly.

Let us handle the dirty work and call Complete Home Services today to schedule your next cleaning service or go all out and have your windows washed too! We are ready to help you get smells of spring throughout your home.



Complete Home Services, located in the North Georgia Mountains provides Housecleaning, Window washing, Gutter Cleaning, Yard Services and Landscaping in Union County Georgia, Fannin County Georgia and Towns County Georgia. For your landscaping needs visit our VistaScapes website at www.VistaScapesUSA.com

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