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Are your gutters really clogged?

Are your gutters overflowing? Did you have them cleaned but there is still water coming off of them? Well your gutters might not be clogged at all! You might have a slight sag in your gutters instead. When a sag happens, even a slight one it can cause water to back up and your gutters to over […]

Prevent water damage in your home!

Due to all the rain and recent flooding up here in the North Georgia mountains you are probably wondering how you can help prevent water damage from occurring in your home. Below you will find some helpful tips on ways you can help keep your home damage free.   -Make sure you have good drainage. […]

Winterizing your home

Winter has begun in the North Georgia Mountains. Have you winterized your home yet? Did you know that by winterizing your home it will help keep the heat in, the cold out and unnecessary damage from happening! Below you will find some helpful tips to protect your home and stay warm and cozy this winter: […]