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Union County Events & Attractions

Union County Events & Attractions Just because winter has arrived in the North Georgia Mountains doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of fun filled actives to take part in this December. Below you will find all the events and attractions this month to help you experience all that Union County has to offer: Christmas Concert at […]

North Georgia Wildlife Part 1 (Coyotes)

North Georgia Wildlife Part 1 Coyotes Since the 1960’s coyote numbers have dramatically increased in Georgia. Coyotes now live in 159 counties in Georgia including the North Georgia Mountains. Coyotes are medium sized canines ranging from 25-40 lbs. They can vary in color from reddish brown to black, but the standard coloration is brownish gray. […]

Prevent Mice Now

Prevent Mice Now   The weather in the North GA mountains is getting cooler and now is the time that mice will start entering homes. Mice can enter your home through small cracks and holes in search of food and a warm place to nest. They can live off of crumbs and make nests in […]