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Our services

Did you know that CHS offers many different services to meet all of your home care needs? House cleaning for vacation home owners Move in and move out cleanings New construction cleaning Window washing Gutter cleaning Mulching Pruning Yard service Select fence installation Plant installation Stone work (including fire pits, and patios) Home monitoring (security […]

Controlling erosion

  Erosion control is not just for keeping water away from your house. Did you know that when water from rain or sprinkler systems travel down slopes it will erode soil and wash pesticides and fertilizers into waterways? It can also ruin your landscape design by carving out gullies and uprooting your plants! There are […]


Mulching Mulch is a protective layer of material that is spread on top of exposed soil and is extremely important in┬ámaintaining a healthy landscape. ┬áThese are just some of the benefits of mulching your yard: – Preserves water in soil so moisture is retained. – Regulates temperature. – Adds nutrients back into the soil. – […]