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When did you change your air filter?

  It’s allergy season and the pollen is out! You’re tracking it in your home on your shoes, it’s coming in your windows. You know your air filter might be dirty but it still does the job right? Wrong! Not only does a dirty air filter not clean the air but it can cause major […]

Time to schedule your window cleaning

  Spring cleaning is not just for the inside of your home, but the outside too! Once the pollen is all gone it’s a good idea to wash your windows to remove any traces of pollen that’s left. Not only does CHS wash both the inside and outside of your windows but we will also […]

Cleaning to reduce allergies

  When spring has sprung you may feel the urge to open up the windows and get out doors. Then it hits you, allergies! You shouldn’t have to wear a face mask to stop the sneezing, congestion, and itchy eyes. Below you will find some helpful cleaning tips to reduce your allergy symptoms this spring: […]