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Let’s get planting

Do you want to give your yard some new life after the winter? If your answer is yes don’t procrastinate this is the perfect time to start planting and enjoy the spring weather. While it’s true that some bulbs do best when planted in the fall there are a ton of flowers and shrubs that […]

Spring cleaning

I love the spring! My mom would open the doors and windows and clean as me and my brother played outside. I can still smell the Pine-Sol. Ah how I love that smell! For me spring always seemed like a time for rejuvenation so why should your home be any different? After several months of […]


It’s that time of year again! The weather is getting warmer and the bugs are out and about. This also includes fleas! If you have had  problems with fleas in the past you have probably gone to great lengths to get rid of them vacuuming and cleaning. However, many people tend to forget that their […]