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It’s time to beautify your yard

Winter is almost over and it’s time to renew and rejuvenate and your yard is no exception. Here are some helpful ideas to make sure your yard is going to be picture perfect this spring: Lawn care- Your yard might me looking kind of dead after the past few months but with a little work you […]

Are your face creams bleaching your sheets?

Have you ever washed your sheets or pillow cases only to find bleach spots on them? You know you didn’t put bleach in the wash so where exactly did it come from? Did you know that some face creams and acne medication specifically those with hydroquinone and benzoyl peroxide in them can actually bleach fabrics! So […]

Bald Face Hornets

One of the most common hornets in Georgia is the Bald Face Hornet. However, the Bald Face Hornet isn’t actually a hornet. In fact they belong to the wasp family and are actually aerial nesting yellow jackets.  They are very defensive of their nests and are very aggressive! Unlike bees Bald Face Hornets can sting […]