Thank You for a fantastic Job

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 3:05 PM, Cindy Cohen <> wrote:
Hi Jack,  I hope you have been enjoying the views out of your clean windows.  Donald and I have had several conversations in regards to your embankment situation and while we do retaining walls your embankments is on a much grander scale then the installs we have done ourselves.  While our employee Jonathon apparently gave you an idea of a possible price I am of the opinion that it would be substantially more and we are not comfortable guaranteeing this particular project.  We do pride ourselves on doing the best possible job but feel this is beyond our scope. I do know a gentleman named Danny Hemphill who does retaining walls, if you like I can have him contact you to give a quote.  I hope you understand our concerns and let me know if I should have Danny call you. – Cindy


I agree with the scope of work required to properly fix our mountainside.  I thank you for being upfront with us.  We are looking into other alternatives to the problem.

Jenny and I thank you and Donald for a fantastic job – you can count on us to spread the word reguarding your wonderful company.