The Toilet Brush


The item in a bathroom nobody likes to talk about, but….. is necessary!

Flu season upon us – this is a great time to start taking action!

Complete Home Services strives in making sure that we never bring items from one home to the next.  For example:  We do not use a duster in the first home of the day and then use it in the last home of the day.  Each home has its own duster(s).  They are thrown away after each home is completed.  Same goes for our buffers and mop heads.  The girls never use a buffer or mop head in one home and then bring them into the next home.  All of us at CHS are very careful about making sure that germs do not travel from one home to the next.

Germs can travel with the toilet brush as well.

We are asking that all of our House Cleaning clients purchase at least one toilet brush for your home.  If you already have one – thank you! Starting January 1, 2015: The girls will place a brand new one in your home if you have not yet purchased one. CHS will start providing your home with one toilet brush for a one-time charge of $3.00.

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