Time to landscape and beautify your yard!

Winter is almost over and it’s time to renew and rejuvenate and your yard is no exception. Here are some helpful ideas to make sure your yard is going to be picture perfect this spring:

Lawn care: Your yard might me looking kind of dead after the past few months but with a little work you can bring it back to life. If you can see any thatch (this looks like dead straw like grass) you will need to rake it out before you start any lawn care projects. The reason being is that any thing you add such as new seed or fertilizer will simply sit on the thatch and won’t be able to get down into the soil unless it is removed. Once it’s removed from your lawn you can add your fertilizer application. Fertilizer helps your lawn to green up and recover from winter stress. Weed control and crabgrass preventative should also be applied during this step if you are not attempting to grow new grass.

Planting- April and May are great times to plant those new flowers, shrubs, fruit trees, and evergreens. If you’re unsure what to plant you can always contact us. Complete Home Services can help you design and help you plan your landscaping project.

Pruning- If you still need to prune your trees and shrubs it’s best to do this is before growth starts in the spring. The only exception to that rule are spring flowering shrubs. For those you will need to wait until after they finish flowering (mid season May-July) in order to prune them.

Adding color-  Spring is a great time to plant so take a look around your landscape and decide if you can brighten the place up with a few new plants. Did you know that by selecting a few specimens that have interesting color or texture in their foliage you will have a more lasting visual effect in your landscape? We can help you with updating your landscape and we will even put together a free quote once we determine the amount of sunlight affecting that part of your landscape and what type of shrub, tree or flowers would give you the best bang for your buck.


Complete Home Services is happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding lawn services or to give you a free quote as our goal is to keep your landscape healthy and beautiful for spring.


Complete Home Services, located in the North Georgia Mountains provides Housecleaning, Window washing, Gutter Cleaning, Yard Services and Landscaping in Union County Georgia, Fannin County Georgia and Towns County Georgia. For your landscaping needs visit our VistaScapes website at www.VistaScapesUSA.com

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