Time to plant fescue seeds

Fall is rapidly approaching up here in the North Georgia mountains. The temperatures are slowly cooling off and we are getting that much needed break from the heat of summer. Did you know that just like us, fescue grass also loves that cool break from the summer heat? In fact October is the best month to plant fescue seeds! Fescue grass is a cool season grass that goes dormant in high heat. This means that this type of grass grows the best when the soil temperatures are between 50-60 degrees and the outside air is between 60-75 degrees. When planted in the fall the grass seedlings will suffer less distress from both heat and disease making the Fall a prime time for planting. Plus when planted properly and in the right conditions it can germinate within 10-14 days!

Did you know that CHS offers all types of yard services and will even come plant your grass for you? Don’t wait if you are looking to seed or reseed your lawn with fescue, give us a call today to schedule your service.


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