Time to plant spring bulbs

spring bulbs

When you think of planting flowers chances are you are also thinking about spring. While some bulbs do need to be planted in the spring; others do best when you plant them in the fall. Bulbs are not planted for instant-gratification. They do need some time in the ground before they bring about a stem, foliage, and flowers. Of course they are not dormant when they are in the ground either.  They are generating root growth!

Spring blooming bulbs require a chilling out period where they can relax and do there thing. Of course there’re dormant when you get them, but they do break there dormancy after the chilling period. Lucky for you winter conveniently supplies this necessary cold period. That’s why you put the bulbs in the ground the fall before you want them to bloom! Pretty simple right? Now don’t forget to contact Complete Home Services for all your landscaping needs!



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